Monday, September 7, 2009

The whole month of August went by without a post. Not that I didn't want to...I just never found the time. Plus my comp is all wonky, and drops things all the time. Hopefully I won't lose this.

We are moved. The garage is piled high with unopened boxes of treasure and trash. I told Bill that since we have everything we need, I am tempted to just never open them. LOL. Except for the photo albums and the kids homemade stuff. And, by the time I found all that, there would untold numbers of items I just couldn't live without.

A new ward/stake. Yikes. Although we are now in the same stake as my parents and Oma. So, stake functions will be family affairs. Already awkwardness in the new ward. A family that fired me as their babysitter is now in my ward. Of course the kids I watched are now all adults, with kids of their own. I was twelve, they had four kids with the oldest being a 10 yr old boy, with a huge case of the naughties. I was fired when a mug crashed to the floor after he threw something at me, as they walked in the house. My mom was called, and this lady yelled at her over this coffee mug, and said I would never watch her kids again. It was quite humiliating, but a good learning experience for me. I started refusing jobs if I felt it was too much for me. And, when I started leaving Brittany with the kids when she was 13, I always had this boy in mind.

Anyway, I recognized them because he bore his testimony and stated who he was. So I kind of had the upper hand. She surreptiously studied me thru RS, andI am not sure if she figured out who I was. LOL I no longer look like the teen I was when we moved out of that town. But, as I have gotten older, I have unwillingly began to look like my mother. I get recognized for that all the time. So she may well have figured it out. I talked to Mom, who said she has seen this sister at stake functions, but neither has approached the other. So we will see how this goes. I hate conflict, and I would like to think we could put 30 yr old issues to rest.

I will post pics of hte house as soon as I find my USB cable. LOL. I am sure it is in one of the boxes in the garage.

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Barbara said...

"The garage is piled high with unopened boxes of treasure and trash" - Oh, how I identify with that! Although with us, it was the supposed family room - once almost completely buried, recently largely reclaimed - hooray for us! and still is the "office" and my room. Plus probably one or two other corners. Maybe some in the office too, little doubt.

As for the old babysitter thing - I would TRY to put it out of my mind. I doubt that I would seek this family out to socialize with, but unless you are called to serve in a presidency together or something like that, you can probably pretty much just ignore them. And if you are, who knows, perhaps the Lord has something in mind. You might learn to love each other and even laugh about old times. It sounds like losing that gig was a gain anyway. Some jobs are simply not worth it. Which you wisely learned.

If she does recognize you, she might be embarrassed at herself for her harshness back then. She may wonder if she should apologize or let sleeping dogs lie. I bet she is squirming inside. I would be. Maybe you can find the courage and compassion to start the conversation and even let her know what the experience taught you. (I don't know if I would or not)BUT! If she is still mean and judgemental, walk away feeling sorry for her and just be cooly polite when you meet her.

I think it is so great when we see some juvenile near-delinquent grown into a responsible and faithful adult. Gives us hope when dealing with the next lot of unmanageables.

I think your new ward is lucky to get you. And it is fun that Stake Activities will also be family time.