Monday, April 27, 2009


Bill's jobs are trickling in. It doesn't seem like many, but he has been working steady for the last few weeks. We are happy, and he is excited to text/email me (on his new BlackBerry) each time he has another bid.

I have offered to come and be free labor on days I don't have daycare, but so far it hasn't worked out. One of these days. Of course, I can tell myself I am helping but I am sure from bill's side of it he is humoring me like I do the younger kids when they want to help.

I am still doing daycare. We really need a second vehicle so I have a car during the day. But that will have to wait until we are doing better. Somehow we are managing. I still work 12-14 hours a day, four days a week. There are times it is overwhelming.

Kailey went to Prom with Aaron Chandler of J1. They had a really good time. I can't believe sometimes how quickly my kids are growing up. And other days I count the weeks til the youngest goes to college. I had someone tell me this week that seh is having the hardest time adapting to the empty nest. I know when the time comes, I will have a hard time too....but there are days I am right out jealous.

The kids found an old VHS tape of Easter 1993. Brittany was almost four, Cory almost three, and Kailey was just four months old. The kids laughed, Kailey did some silly commentary, and I held back the tears. I really miss the babies my kids were. Then, I change a poopy, and am glad the babies go home at the end of the day.