Friday, May 29, 2009


Court was Wednesday. Cory's lawyer had a meet n greet with us before being called in to see the judge. He was recommending termination of probation and releasing Cory to his own custody. Cory's nineteenth birthday was the same day. This was certainly NOT in my plans for his 19th when he was a child. Anyway, the judge was happy with Cory and confident that Cory is ready to go and start his life. His juvenile record is closed, and he can come back when he is 21 and apply to have it sealed.

This is excellent news.

So, Cory is staying with us while he tries to get JobCorp going. The judge said the state forgave him, and if we forgave him, why can't he stay til things are set?? WE agreed, and he has taken over our living room for now. We still are on alert, and I doubt things will ever change there, but we are happy to have him home. The four younger kids are thrilled.

Kailey was not. Kailey has not forgiven him. She also refused his efforts at an apology. We took her out there one day last year so he could apologize. His counselor talked to her first, explained where C was in the program, what exactly would be said, and how did Kailey feel about it?? Kailey said "I'll wait in the car. I am not interested in what he has to say" The counselor backed her up, and we left with Cory upset and hurt. But, Kailey has been upset for a few years. I talked to her about how she is justified, and I understand, but she will never get past this if she doesn't hear him out, and let him apologize.

So, when he came home with us unexpectedly on Wednesday, she was shocked. I tried to soothe her wounded heart, and we had a long talk. I asked her just to be pleasant (to the best of her abilities) and pretend he is not here. "Pretty hard Mom, when he is 6'2 and 280 p0unds."

She did good Wednesday. Spent most of the day in her room, probably calling and texting her friends with her frustrations. Yesterday, Cory went to work with Bill, and as I was at the DC house for the day, she ditched school. My sweetie. She and I texted all day her with her questions, and me with what I hope were my reassurances.

This morning, they were laughing and talking like old times. I hope she is okay.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

While looking for something else entirely...

...I came across a few amusing shots.

Ithought this one funny, but the look on Hunter's face in the backseat, far left is hysterical. LOL Here is the source of their fear.....Dad behind the wheel.
Okay, this is my all time favorite shot. This is the last time Kailey has been in lavender, and I had to bribe her for this picture. Tyler's feelings about the whole thing are self explanatory. LOL

Where are they???

I know I have pics of the house I took when the landlady came out last time (2/08). I remember thinking I hope no one ever sees these because Iwas so embarrassed. Now, I could really use them. I am taking more, but to have older ones to show how long the house has been like this would really help. But, even these ones will do. Really. There is a leak under my kitchen sink. I told her plumber last week, and he said it was because I have a towel to drain my dishes. The water is running through the crack in the tile and pooling under the sink. Okay. So, I did dishes yesterday, early afternoon. We went to friends house for a BBQ, and came home and went to bed.

I get up this morning to a puddle under my sink, and pooled on the floor. Explain that. The water was barely used for 18 hours. And I didn't do dishes again. It goes against my moral code to do them twice in one day.

I pay the city five dollars a month for an extra trash can. Usually we can get away with one can, but if we have a party, or a clean up session, the second can comes in handy. Last Tuesday, the day after trash day, and the day before we found out we are moving, the next door neighbor asked if she could use our second can. Hunter had assured me the previous week that both cans were empty, and we were managing on one. So, I told her no problem and let her take it. I then figured I had better check my other can to be sure. By this time, she had my spare almost full with trash she had stacked in the garage. I open the second one and I could have died when I realized it was 2/3 full, and my little darling had lied to me.

We had a full week til trash day again, and I let him know how angry I was. He felt it my fault for loaning out our can without checking first. Today is finally trash day again. I was looking forward to getting started on the pre pack throw out. Starting with Kailey's pit, since she is home sick. Boo hoo.

Trash truck came two hours ago, and I went out ten minutes ago to get my cans. And the neighbor has filled our second one again!! I was shocked. You need a second can?? Pay for it then!! I hate to be unneighborly, but it is my can, and I really need it! I told her we have to move and I was planning on using the can this week. "Oh, I didn't think you needed it" Normally no, but couldn't you have checked first??

So, I am going to start anyway, just not as enthusiastically as I had planned.

Off to dig some more for the pictures.

Monday, May 25, 2009

My magic moment

In our Beehive class, I instituted "Magic Moments". I actually stole it from the RS, and I have no idea if they still do it, but our class has been doing it for almost two years. It is a time for the girls to share with us the exciting things that are happening in their lives. We get some really neat magic moments, and some silly ones, but it makes no difference. We want to know what is important in the girls lives, and we want them to know we are there for them. But, this means Sue L. ( the Beehive Counselor) and I need to share our magic moments.

After losing my income, and being told to vacate the house last week, I was a wreck, with no magic moments making themselves known. On top of all of it, I find out Cory didn't graduate his program, has blown off every interview for other programs, and will most likely end up in a homeless shelter on Wednesday, when he is released. He has done nothing. I think he is still sitting back and waiting for Mom and Dad to swoop in and rescue him. We can't. He put himself here, and he has to get himself out. I don't want to sound like a mean mom, but there are circumstances that prevent us from ever letting him live here again. My heart breaks for him, and I have been depressed all week.

To top it off, Wednesday is his birthday. Happy Birthday, Son, you have no where to live!!

Back to magic moments. I wracked my brain Sunday morning for something, anything, I could share. I was praying to Heavenly Father for anything. I mean, I am grateful for our health, we still have a house, the kids took it well, Bill is working more hours than we could have hoped for, and we have plenty of food. I am grateful for all that, but they really don't qualify as a magic moment. Ididn't want to bring the girls down by acting like Eeyore.

During Sacrament Meeting, it hit me (I am also grateful I don't have babies anymore, so I am aware when a message comes in. LOL) I have a magic attitude. I have been upbeat and happy and kept the kids in the adventure mood. That is a magic feat if anything is. So, I now had something to share. I touched lightly on my woes, and then how grateful I was that Heavenly Father gave me the gift of optimism and a happy outlook. How else could i have gotten thru these last two years without it?? I know my Heavenly Father loves me and looks out for me. He gave me such wonderful gifts-talents- and I am so grateful.

Keep Cory in your prayers that he hits bottom quickly, and decides to do something about it.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Not a good week.

Monday. DC mom finds herself in a tight spot regarding MIL who insists on moving in ahead of schedule. MIL refuses to go home after a visit, and must have someone with her at all times. So, notice was given at work that she would be taking a leave of absence in order to acclimate MIL to her house and get her used to things. She gave work two weeks notice, and me too. I was in no way ready to lose this income. Bill has been working full time for the last five weeks and we are slowly coming out of this financial mess we have been in for the last year. I have three days next week, and then I am done for a while. That is if she is able to go back to work.

Last night, late, we had a knock at the door. It was obviously the landlady's sister. There was no denying the resemblance. She very nicely gave me a sealed envelope, after making sure I was Pamela. I knew what it was before I even opened it. We have 60 days to vacate the property.

We moved into this house seven years ago when our last landlady died, and her daughter wanted to sell the house asap, and get the heck out of dodge. She gave us notice on Thanksgiving, and then called Christmas eve ( Iwould swear on my firstborn she was drunk) railing because we were stillin her house. I was toward the end of a very high risk pregnancy, and now looking for somewhere to live in a market that all rentals had virtually dried up.

We found this house because the people moving out were in our ward, and they talked to the mgmt company on our behalf. This house was in sad shape. The carpet had wear holes, and so did the linoleum in the kitchen. The air never worked. There was a black trash bag stapled to the front of the house that on further investigation revealed a hole in the wall under the kitchen sink. At that time, anyone could have broken into our house just by pulling the trash bag off, and crawling in under the sink. The patio was rotted thru and falling, to the point I wouldn't let my kids play out there. Things were haphazardly fixed over the years, but a lot of it was just made worse by a jill of all trades who messed up a lot. She put in a new disposal, but neglected to remove the plug in the line going to the dishwasher. This made the dishwasher back up and blow it's motor. He came out to replace the dishwasher and they had built the cabinet around the door and blocked it in. He then said a dishwasher is a luxury item, and not required by CA law. So, I haven't had one for five years, even though there is one sitting there.

Owner fired mgmt company about two years ago. She then asked why he had refunded our deposit. I freaked out because it had never been refunded. Come to find out, he was trying to save his own butt after not being able to produce our 1000 dollars. Owner came and did an inspection in February of '08. 15 months ago. Promises were made. New carpet (she admitted she laid this carpet about 20 years ago) New shower (no more using vice grips as a handle to turn the water on and off)New floor in the kitchen. New dishwasher.

We didn't hear another word from her til last week. She wanted to do another inspection, and make a new list of priority repairs. This week we got a new sink in the main bathroom, and a new shower nozzle and handle. Summer is close, heat is already here, and there were promises of a new unit.

And instead we receive a vacate notice last night.

Her reason was she has out of state family that need the house. Yeah...right.

Our theory?? She told me she was trying to get new homeowners insurance on this place, and an inspector was going to come out and make sure the house was in good condition. We knew she would not get a new policy with a huge wet broken wall in the master bath. There is new drywall there now, but the repairman didn't mud or tape it, and of course no paint. He just left the edges uneven. It would never pass with leaky sinks, and a shower with no handle.

But the biggest issue is the flooring. She talked of putting tile throughout the house, and we were fine with that. Bill has laid tile before and offered to help, to expidite the process. This was last year. Last week, she said again it was a priority. I was looking forward to new floors.

I am not sure how it works with the inspector, but she is vacating the house so she can get it up to code quickly. Because she works for the housing authority and it wouldn't be good for her job if they found out she was really a slumlord. I am tempted to take pictures of some of these things, just for my own protection.