Sunday, November 30, 2008


Thanksgiving is over. All that is left are a few pieces of turkey, some gravy, and a slice of pie. We had a great holiday, and the days spent together relaxing were really nice.

My parents came for dinner on Thursday, and at the last minute we got Grandma too. It is Aunt Sharon's year (hmmm, I could swear she had it last year, too) but up at Aunt Sharon's house, Grandma twisted her knee. She had to come back into town to be checked on Wednesday, and Mom didn't want to make the trek back up the mountain to Anza with her. Plus, we weren't sure she wouldn't need surgery. It was great she could be here. But now, to make up for it, Aunt Sharon is taking Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. "It is only fair Linda, since you got TG" Some spirit of giving.

Cory spent the holiday with us. He is not allowed to spend Sundays with us because he innocently let slip that we want to take him to church with us. The group home he is in is run by a born again Christian operation, and I swear they are trying to save his soul. Last Christmas, his PO gave him permission to go to the ward Christmas party with us, and at the last minute the house manager rescinded it because his room was not clean enough. This is a once a year party, that he and us really look forward to. But, once it is gone,it is gone. The PO was livid, insisted on a report on why his recommendations were not followed, and generally raised a ruckus over it. I told him my theory and he blanched when he found out our religion. The county offices are very good at separating church and state. They wouldn't care if we were in a cult praising Cabbage patch dolls, as long as we were active, supportive parents. They don't see enough of those. But, they do know the house is owned and operated by a church. Supposedly the kids are allowed to follow their own religion while in the house, but every time we give Cory a Book of Mormon to read, it disappears. Oddly, his bible is still there. I can hope it is someone with a keen desire to learn more about our church, but since we have given Cory about 5 of them, I am thinking someone is intervening. they also won't let us pick him up on Sunday mornings and take him to church. They are 'too busy'. So, Cory politely goes to their church, listens to bible study(they were impressed with his bible knowledge) and waits to go to church with us again.

Meanwhile, back to TG, he and the boys went from the XBox in the bedroom, to the Wii in the living room. They were quiet all weekend LOL.

Bill has been under a lot of stress. He has put a lot of money toward his license, and is worried he won't pass the test. He paid three hundred dollars for a contractors school that guaranteed his passing his license test. His test is set for Friday, the 5th. He was supposed to go to the school all day yesterday and today. He gets down there yesterday, and the receptionist says class was cancelled and moved to Redlands. She said she called everyone with the information, and left messages on the phones she couldn't reach. Bill told her both numbers he had given had no such messages. He even called me to check my messages. So she calls the owner of the school, who apologizes, and says he will have an instructor at the location to spend one on one with Bill so he passes the test. What kind of crappy organization is this?? Keep Bill in your prayers. He is rather an extremist, and knows if he fails the test, we will be living in the Expedition. It isn't that bad, but he swears that is what will happen.

Brittany is not moving back anymore. Ty's dad lost his job and told them they needed to figure something else out. They can't stay in Flagstaff, as he makes 7 dollars an hour washing dishes, and B makes four as a waitress, two days a week. She works Tuesday and Thursday nights, and averages 10 dollars in tips a night. There is not way they can support themselves on this type of income. I am thinking Ty is hoping his music career takes off. But in the meantime, he is 23 and needs a decent job. Ty's mom and boyfriend are moving to Northern CA, and they basically were not invited to come. Bill and I knew the day would come when she would tire of supporting B. Keeping the house straightened, and making dinner occasionally does not pay the way of a healthy adult. So we bit the bullet and offered them a place here. Ty could bunk with the boys, nad she could share a room with Kailey. They declined and instead are going to Colorado to live with Ty's cousin. It is all good, as I found out some upsetting stuff soon after, and I need time to get over it, and basically forgive her. Plus, at this point, we think she needs hit bottom to realize what a mess she is in. They are living on one meal a day right now. They also can't afford the propane to heat the house, so they are hungry and cold. Gratefully, they are not expecting. At least I don't think so, as I haven't seen her since August. All I can do is pray for her, and hope she comes to her senses before it is too late.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Old age creepeth

Yeah, I am feeling it. I turned 43 on Friday. Where did the time go?? I made myself a sour cream devil's food cake, with splenda rather than sugar, and it wasn't so hot. It was flat and dry. Kind of a waste of ingredients and time. The frosting was fantastic though. LOL I admit, I took a whole piece, just to pick off the frosting.

Brittany called last night to say they aren't coming down for thanksgiving after all. Before I could get too upset she said it is because they are saving their money for a uhaul to move back here. I was so excited. I told her this had been really hard on me, even though I swore to myself I would not use guilt on her. We had promised 100.00 for gas for the TG trip, so we are hoping to come up with little more to help with the rental. I am just glad she is moving back home.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween fun

We had a good time over at the ward's trunk or treat. I made a crock o' chili, and my family proclaimed it delicious. I never got it over to be judged, but oh well. We then migrated to the parking lot for the best fun of the year, according to Tyler. How nice it is to be able to sit in a chair at the car and greet all the cute kids in their costumes, and not worry about the kids safety. It was two wards combined, but I still felt totally safe letting Cameryn and Tyler go off on their own, to circle as many times as the candy held out.
The pic is Baby L in the best costume, letting us know how she feels. She came to the party last night as Tinkerbell, but i liked the cow and Harry Potter glasses better. LOL. I am sending this one to her mom. The kids all carved a pumpkin, but I didn't get any decent individual shots. The one on the bottom right is Kailey's, and she just slashed a face in it. Delilah had to check out all the pumpkins when we set it up, just in case we were in danger. She gets to Kailey's, and backed up and gave it a wide berth. Dumb dog.
Time to think about Thanksgiving already. I invited my parents (who told me Dad just wanted to sit in his chair that day) and my sister and her kids. I haven't heard back from her. It is looking like it will just be us.