Monday, December 15, 2008

The girls and Santa

I forgot to post pics of the girls on Santa's lap the other night. Someone got smart and held a mic up to the kids so we could all hear what they asked for and Santa's reply. (That way, if they made an unwanted promise of a puppy, like a friend of mine had to deal with) the parents could quickly intervene. Or giggle at the 'You'll shoot your eye out Kid" at the 8 yr olds request of a bibi gun.

Cold and wet

It has been raining all night. A very cold rain. I have a few kids who are a bit shy in the jacket dept. Hunter's disappeared at school, and reappeared on a little girl. Hunter asked for it back and was told her mom bought it for her, but she can't remember which store or when. Luckily, it came from my mom through my brother, and she is notorious for putting names in tags. So unless her name is also Arik A, or she cut out the tag, it should be easy to reclaim. In the meantime, he wore a ratty one today.

Wednesday they are calling for highs in the 30's and possible rain/snow. Isn't frozen rain hail?? I am so snow illiterate I have no idea.

One of the pitfalls of so many kids is you never know who actually broke the mug in the sink. Instead of just cleaning it up, my kids are guilty of walking away if no one saw them. Or heard it in this case. I'd still like to know how the spaghetti sauce got on the ceiling, who threw fish gravel all over the garage, and who keeps dropping full rolls of toilet paper into the toilet. You'd think the novelty of watching it swell to three times its original size would wear off eventually. Oh, and whoever has my other croc, please give it back.

Brittany made it to Colorado. I hope she finds what she is desperately looking for. We googled her address (stalker parent alert) and she lives in a nice complex. I hope whoever is supporting them this month is nice. I hope she looks up hte church.

The Christmas party on Saturday was a lot of fun for us. It was a full house. The decorations were awesome. It was an appetizer/dessert affair, which was a nice change of pace. I took a vote at home and the hooligans all wanted Gramma's pimento and cheese dip. That cheesy (pardon the pun) 70's recipe that we all laughed at while she was alive is now Bill and the kids favorite holiday treat. I think it is more a way to include Gramma, six years after she has passed, in our holiday fun. She loved Christmas, and always kept her camera handy to capture faces of wonder, and excitement,and the occasional pout and tantrum. LOL. I wonder what became of all those pictures. I shouldbe the good wife and call his sisters. hmmm. I'll sleep on it.

Speaking of sleep, I have been awake since midnight. I know noon will roll around, and I am not going to be up to a curious two yr old, a never-ending-line-of-questions four year old and an 11 month old that just wants to crawl around and chew on anything she can find, except her toys. Oh, and they are all sick, so I can expect some whininess. Yippee. LOL.

Oh, in other life altering news, Bill passed his contractors exam on the first try. Had we known ahead of time how rare that is, I might not have been so confident. LOL. Hey, his BIL and previous boss did too, and I always thought he was a nickel short of a dollar. I hope my favorite SIL doesn't read this. ROFL. Anyway, I had the utmost faith and confidence in Bill, and he did it. We celebrated by going to lunch at Taco Bell. Last of the big time spenders.

Now, Bill is legal to work. BUT, we need 150 to pay for the license,and a 250 bond. Um, where are we going to get 400 this time of year?? So, we need money so Bill can go to work and make money. Make sense?? I didn't think so either. One of the guys in the ward does contractor insurances and Bill is planning on going thru him. He wants to know about Bill's work vehicle. LOL. Well, it is black and holds all the kids, and we drive it everywhere. A work truck is on our list of necessities, but certainly not at the top. He also ran some figures and said judging by what Bill told him about his business plan, and his contacts at the hospital and county, andthe need for a crew of about four guys (plus me as bookkeeper. Isn't that a hoot?? I need to get Bookkeeping for Dummies) he can expect the company to make around 400 a year with 100-150 as profit. I about fell out of my chair. What??!! Bill agrees with him. They both act like numbers like these are totally within reason. I can dream, I guess. I can't imagine getting off unemployment, food stamps, state insurance, and flying on our own. OMStars, the thought makes me giddy. Bill has been out of work a year now. How we made it still baffles me...

But first, what child can I sell to raise the 400 dollars???