Thursday, March 19, 2009


So, keeping on my diabetes meds has proven difficult. We don't have insurance on Bill and I. So, whenever I go see the dr, I pay 15.00. This is a fair price I think. They go on a sliding scale, and with Bill collecting unemployment, this is our share. But, it doesn't cover the blood tests I need to make sure the meds are helping or not. That is an additional 100.00, which is more than we have been able to come up with recently.

So, I went to the doctor a few months ago, and got quite the lecture. I tried to explain, but she wouldn't hear it. She said this was more important. Okay, which kid should miss meals so I can have a blood test?? They are already wearing ratty shoes. My boys haven't had their hair cut in months, and it is embarrassing. Where am I going to squeeze money from?? We get free bread on Tuesdays to help.

Now I am low on my meds. I know the doctor will not reup my prescription without the blood work. Now what??

Oh, and to make it worse, we are putting our rent money toward Bill's insurances so that he can go to work and support his family. Keep your fingers crossed that the landlord doesn't pop a cork over it. LOL

Monday, March 16, 2009


I thought it was time for an update. Bill has put in a lot of bids, and has landed a few. One is for a local college. They want part of it remodeled, and the job will take about ten weeks. This has been a major blessing. He has a few more bids out, and we are waiting to hear on them. His summer is booked, and if we could get a few jobs sooner it would be great.

He lost one bid to a friend. He now has insurances he needs to pay, and overhead, and the guy wanted him to do it for the same rate Bill charged when he was desperate. Okay, we are still desperate.But now that Bill is licensed, it is insulting to expect him to do it for what a new employee would be paid. He also was good at saying things like "Since you are right there, would you just slap some paint on that??" Again, totally insulting to minimize the amount of work painting takes. And to think, he is a bishop. I am glad Bill didn't get the job, and since he is not our bishop (but is in our stake) I hope Bill cuts off this relationship. I hate to see him taken advantage of like this.

One of the sisters at church commented that Bill was one of the first casualties of this recession, and he is coming out of it right as others are losing their jobs. She is right. Bill has been out a job for ten months now. Only Heavenly Father saw us through. We are truly blessed.

Mom is doing better. Once she let her floodgates go, she was a wreck for a few weeks. It was hard to see her so upset. She got a copy of the police report, and it was 11 page of the most graphic minute details. I wish she hadn't read it. The lady who hit Arik called her that day, and Mom told her she had read it. The lady was sad for her, and told her she was sorry she had seen it. I thought that nice. I have the room about half done. I cleaned out the books and toys and clothes. I just need to get the furniture out, steam the carpet and paint the walls, and it will be ready for Oma. Time is a precious commodity right now. Finding enough of it and a truck at the same time has proven difficult.

Tyler turned seven last week. Sigh. We had a party at the park, with cupcakes, friends and a pinata. She is still a very happy girl with a zest for life. She loves everyone and has no enemies. She is such a great kid.