Friday, October 23, 2009


So, even though we felt we couldn't afford it, we went and bought a second car. With Bill's work picking up, and mine staying at one or two days a week, we needed something. We bought a '93 Pathfinder. It runs well,and is in very good shape. It has it's character points: the hatch doesn't stay latched...but it has a gate over the hatch that does latch, if you have the physical strength to lift the gate, and slam it. Not me. LOL. THe stereo is a lot of work to get going, and keep going. THen when you shut off the car, it goes back to an invalid station. Reminds me of when we had to take the posts off the battery each time we shut off the car, and then reset the radio every time. It is a royal pain. Bill has taken to just hooking up his zune and bypassing the stereo altogether.

I get to keep the Ford. Whoopee. Every trip I take is weighed out before I leave. Is it REALLY worth it to climb over the center console to get out?? Now, if I take a kid, then I am fine. They don't mind coming around and letting me out. I tried a shortcut to church and now I have a slow leak in my front tire. The Terra Cotta dirt road to Nichols is just not worth it. Other than that the Ford is long as there are no hills on the way. The transmission is still garbage. If the tach doesn't spin on take off, then it can't hold it's speed on long hills. You will find me in the far right lane, holding up the big rigs. Two more years of payments and this treasure is ours!!

The goal at this point, if work holds steady, is to pay the car off in the next six months, and buy a work truck. A big Chevy( never EVER a Ford again!!) dually with tool boxes and a sweet ladder rack. THEN we will go get a skin and advertise Bill's company. LOL.

I went to the cemetary today and had a nice visit with my brother. His headstone is lovely. I felt much better afterward, and the guilts are not as bad. The comfort and peace I felt as I sat there, enjoying the sunshine and pouring my heart out to him was just beautiful. I left with a smile.


Barbara said...

When I was a kid, I think my family drove Fords and I, personally, have a bit of a soft spot for old Henry, but as an adult, I have been pretty happy with my Chevys and find them pretty dependable.

I hope your pay off plans work out!! Sounds good!

So glad to read about your visit to the cemetery. May the healing continue.


Barbara said...

While I love the conversations on Facebook, I miss your blog posts